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Improve your driver retention by improving your driver understanding.
Technology can help. Arke can help.

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Your drivers are your most valuable resource

Drivers make up nearly 1 half of your yearly fleet investment

The Problem:

$125 Billion: The total driver cost per year

90%: The yearly driver turnover rate

$24 Billion: The total opportunity for driver retention improvement

Our Solution

Here at Arke Technology we will put your data to use, providing valuable insights into driver behavior to help you retain your most important assets. Utilizing various IoT devices, we can detect root causes to key issues, develop predictive insights, and provide valuable alerts to our customers. With our help, your fleet managers will be able to proactively manage your fleet to optimize your driver retention.

Data Security

With the guidance of BiTA blockchain standards Arke Technology implements faultless data pipelines, allowing for easy data sharing with a high level of security.

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